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What I Eat in a Week: Vegan Keto Meal Prep | - A super easy and delicious plan for a week of vegan keto meal prep.

What I Eat in a Week – Vegan Keto Meal Prep

Recently, a lot of you have been asking me about meal prep on a vegan keto diet, and I totally get why. Between work and school and housework and family, sometimes you find yourself with almost no spare time to make dinner, especially if you’re the only one in your household eating low carb vegan meals. So, I put together…

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lazy plant-based keto

What I Eat in a Day: Lazy Plant-Based Keto

One of the questions I get most frequently from people (both in real life and on social media) is “what do you eat in a day on a vegan keto diet?” It makes total sense that this would perplex people. Even I have difficulties articulating it because it’s so normal now. What do I eat? Food. Just plant-based food, and…

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My Vegan Keto Essentials | Meat Free Keto - Five years of experience with a vegan keto diet has given me a lot of insight into what makes a vegan keto diet easy!

My Vegan Keto Essentials

Frequently, you guys will message me on Instagram, or send me an email to ask what brand of _____ I use, or whether or not I like _____. I’ve been responding individually, but the other day, someone asked if I had a list of recommended vegan keto items I use, and it seemed like a good idea to put everything…

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What I Eat in a Day | Lazy Vegan Keto - Everything I ate in a day on a low carb, gluten free, sugar free vegan keto diet.

What I Eat in a Day (Low Carb Vegan Pt. 2 – Lazy Keto)

This is the second post in a series, documenting what I eat in a day as a low carb vegan. After I posted part 1, I got a lot of positive feedback from people mentioning how it’s nice to see what other people eat on a low carb vegan diet. There are loads of posts and videos out there about…

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Sugar Free Low Carb Halvah

My Favorite Low Carb Vegan Snacks

Like napping and thick fluffy socks, snacks are one of life’s little pleasures. Of course, on a low carb vegan diet, your snacktime routein will probably change pretty drastically. Fortunately, there are a ton of vegan keto snacks out there that are affordable and convenient. This list includes 10 of my favorites – the low carb snacks that are always…

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What I Eat in a Day as a Low Carb Vegan | Meat Free Keto

What I Eat in A Day: Low Carb Vegan Part 1

So, I’ve actually received quite a few questions about what I eat in a day. Some of you have even requested a whole post dedicated to this! So, I thought I’d get my act together and actually document what I eat in a day (including macros), so you guys can see how easy it is to stick to a low…

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Vegan Keto Diet Basics | Meat Free Keto - If you're new to a vegan ketogenic diet or low carb way of eating, these links contain everything you need to get started on your keto journey!

Vegan Ketogenic Diet Basics

Are you new to a vegan ketogenic diet? It’s not always easy to adapt to this way of eating, so I’ve gathered together a few links to help along the way. Hopefully, you find this information helpful! Whether you’d like to know how much protein you should be getting, which vegetables are the best to eat on a ketogenic diet,…

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The Best Low Carb Vegan Protein Powders for a Ketogenic Diet

The Best Low Carb Vegan Protein Powders

One thing that vegans have come to terms with, is that people will always be asking, “where do you get your protein?” It’s a little old and played-out, as we’ve long-established that there is a ton of protein in most plant foods. Nuts, seeds, grains, legumes – all of these foods have a solid amount of protein. Then, there are the…

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The Best Gluten Free Low Carb Meat Substitutes

The Best Gluten Free Low Carb Meat Substitutes

Those of us on a vegetarian or vegan ketogenic or low carb diet (yes, we exist – there’s dozens of us!) often find ourselves in the position of trying to eat food, without seeming too weird, especially when eating socially. This is even worse if you can’t eat gluten (Celiacs unite!). It’s not easy finding gluten free low carb meat substitutes to…

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