About Meat Free Keto Recipes

Hey there! You may have noticed that the recipes here on Meat Free Keto are a bit different from your typical low carb or keto recipes. A few key differentiators:

  • Only vegetarian and vegan keto recipes
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Minimal gums or weird ingredients
  • Simple low carb recipes
  • Lots of nut free low carb recipes

All Vegetarian and Vegan Keto Recipes

You’ve probably noticed that this  site is called “Meat Free Keto,” and have since figured out that everything here is a vegetarian or vegan keto or low carb recipe. When I first started out on a ketogenic diet in 2012, I was vegan and a little overwhelmed. The majority of sites out there treated keto like an all-you-can-eat meat buffet, and there was very little information available about going keto without meat.

So, this blog was born. Most of the original content has since been replaced, and I’m no longer vegan, but I want the integrity of this site to remain. Non-vegetarians can easily enjoy these recipes (most are baked goods!), and vegetarians and vegans get the added benefit of having a recipe repository that’s tailored to their needs.

No artificial ingredients

I’m not big on artificial colors, or flavors or sweeteners. Especially sweeteners. There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence that artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose (Splenda) actually knock people out of ketosis, despite being “zero carbs.” Plus, there’s the dubious medical findings about artificial sweeteners, and how they’re probably making us fatter while screwing with our metabolisms. I don’t love that idea.

So, the only sweeteners used on this site are stevia and Swerve (basically erythritol – a sugar alcohol). I tend to lean more towards using Swerve for sugar free baking, and stevia for anything raw. Both of these sweeteners have minimal impact on blood sugar, and are gentle on the GI tract (which none of the other sugar alcohols are!).

Why don’t I just say “natural ingredients?” Because legally, the term “natural” doesn’t actually mean anything and has been abused by the food industry. It’s also kind of a turn off to people who assume that if you want “natural” food, you don’t shower and sprinkle patchouli oil wherever you go. That being said, I’m a total hippie, though I do shower.

Minimal Gums or Other “Weird” Ingredients

Guar gum, xanthin gum, locust bean gum – I’m sure you’ve picked up a package with all of these ingredients listed, or seen a low carb recipe online that used at least one (or more!) gums. This site doesn’t have those. The low carb recipes on Meat Free Keto are completely gum-free.

Why? Well, for starters, gums tend to be gut irritants. Like many sugar alcohols, eating gums makes your intestines cramp and produce extra mucous, and can cause additional inflammation. None of this is great for your health, or your social relationships (seriously). People start ketogenic diets to improve their health, whether through weight loss or blood sugar control, or another health-related benefit of keto. Given this, it seems counter-productive to include gut irritants, which can be detrimental to your health.

Also, gums are expensive and it’s annoying to have to buy a million ingredients. I like a simply-stocked pantry. Which brings me to the next point…

Simple Low Carb Recipes

It makes me crazy to see a recipe for a low carb cookie with ten ingredients. Why? Just… why? Yes, it’s great to have those recipes that perfectly mimic their high carb counterpart sometimes, but it’s also expensive and kind of a pain.

Most of the recipes on this site contain the same ingredients that are in my pantry at all times. They’re pretty easily found in most grocery stores, and relatively inexpensive.

Tons of Nut Free Low Carb Options

Another thing that makes me a little crazy is the amount of recipes that rely on almond flour. Even in bulk, almond flour can be pretty expensive, not to mention how common tree nut allergies are.

So, many of the low carb recipes on this site take nuts, and other allergens out of the equation. All of the nut free keto recipes on this site are tagged accordingly, making them easier to find!