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Low Carb Vegan Feta | Meat Free Keto - This tangy low carb vegan feta cheese alternative is perfect for adding to salads, pizza or quiches.

Low Carb Vegan Faux Feta

Sometimes, you just feel like having a little bit of cheese in a meal, and while there are some great alternatives in the market for cheddar, mozzarella and goat cheese, I have yet to find a pre-made vegan alternative to feta. Greek salads and spanikopita just aren’t aren’t the same without the tang of some nice, salty feta cheese, and…

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Vegan Keto Carrot Cake | Low Carb, sugar free, gluten free and delicious!

Mini Low Carb Carrot Cake

This post was inspired by an allergen-free mini carrot cake I made last year (and posted on my nutrition blog). That recipe was so tasty, I thought I’d adapt it to be low carb. I mean, Easter’s coming up, and who doesn’t want to have low carb carrot cake to celebrate? Carrot cake is also one of those things that…

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Low Carb Vegan Cupcakes - Matcha Coconut | These gluten free, vegan cupcakes are sugar free, keto friendly and super delicious!

Low Carb Vegan Cupcakes – Matcha Coconut!

Back in the day when I was a barista, matcha lattes were one of my favorite things to enjoy. For those who don’t know, matcha is a green tea powder, and a matcha latte involves matcha, vanilla, sweetener and your milk of choice. I always though coconut was the best combination with the matcha, and would frequently make myself coconut…

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Low Carb Doughnut Muffins | Grain Free, gluten free, dairy free & sugar free!

Low Carb Doughnut Muffins

DOUGHNUTS. I’m obsessed, obviously. Doughnuts are one of those foods that I always think I want – a nice, big, cakey piece of joy with just a hint of nutmeg and a lovely glaze. I’m seriously salivating thinking about it. Well, I caved the other day, and bought these gluten free doughnut holes, made by a local baker. They were…

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