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Vegan Keto Magic Mushroom Fat Bombs | Meat Free Keto - These vegan keto magic mushroom fat bombs are full of adaptogens and energy boosting ingredients to fuel your body on a low carb diet!

Vegan Keto Magic Mushroom Fat Bombs

In years past when I’ve done keto, I definitely haven’t given enough appreciation to fat bombs. Sure, I’d make the occasional lazy vegan keto fudge out of cocoa powder, coconut oil and stevia (directions: eyeball ingredients, mix together and keep adding more of any of those three things until it tastes good), but I never really got into making fat…

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Low Carb Vegan Red Velvet Fudge | Meat Free Keto - These low carb vegan red velvet fudge fat bombs will satisfy that sweet tooth in a sugar free, keto friendly and totally delicious way!

Low Carb Vegan Red Velvet Fudge (fat bombs)

I’ve had this strange red velvet craving for a while now. This doesn’t really make sense, as I have spent most of my life in either New England or Quebec, neither of which is really known for their love of red velvet-flavored desserts, but here we are anyway. Originally, I thought I’d make brownies, but halfway through the oven’s preheating…

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