Low Carb Falafel Recipe | A delicious gluten free & vegan lower carb alternative to traditional falafel!
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Low Carb Falafel

I love, LOVE falafel. It’s one of those foods that I really miss being able to have delivered (yeah, I live in a place without delivery, which is honestly a good thing). I’ve tried a few times to make a low carb falafel that would actually satisfy the craving, but most of the time it […]

Low Carb "Potato" Leek Soup | Vegan, LCHF and keto-friendly!
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Low Carb “Potato” Leek Soup

I don’t know why, but I’ve really been craving potato leek soup lately. I know, it’s a really strange craving to have, but I impulse bought a leek last week, and have been deciding what to do with it for days. I need a hobby. Anyway, this leek obsession got me thinking that I should […]

Vegan Keto Spinach Pie | MeatFreeKeto.com - This gluten-free, nut-free low carb vegan spinach pie is a delicious keto-friendly combination of quiche and spanikopita.
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Low Carb Vegan Spinach Pie

Low carb spinach pie sounds like something Popeye would endorse wholeheartedly, and with good reason – it is delicious! This recipe was born of an intense desire for spanikopita, but with the awareness that I probably do not have the patience to figure out some sort of vegan keto phyllo dough (you can read “probably” […]