Keto White Chocolate Raspberry Cups

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I’ve been making a lot of white chocolate-based snacks this week, mainly because I recently realized how amazing everything tastes when it’s made with cacao butter. So, after some white chocolate hearts and keto peanut butter cups, I decided to make some keto white chocolate raspberry cups.

These are especially festive because the raspberry bits make them red, and it’s Valentine’s Day Weekend! Don’t get me wrong, I kind of don’t care about the whole flowers-and-presents-and-proposals-blowing-up-my-newsfeed thing, but I’m always down for an excuse to eat more chocolate and put hearts on things. Plus, I get to share more recipes with all of you! Can all my internet friends be my Valentine?

So, these little guys were inspired by my love of freeze dried raspberries and all things white chocolate. There’s also some coconut butter in these, but the coconut taste isn’t too overwhelming (for those of you who may be scared off). 

Notes on Making Vegan Keto White Chocolate Raspberry Bites:

  • Coconut manna = coconut butter = creamed coconut (it’s ground up dried coconut, basically like making peanut butter, but with dried coconut instead of peanuts)
  • You could also use a soy protein isolate in place of the coconut milk, to add some extra protein.
  • These, like the other cacao butter based recipes, will be able to be kept at room temperature for about a week. The saturated fat content is so high that they should spoil. Yay! Of course, if you live in a really warm environment, they could become soft.
  • You could use any freeze dried fruit, really (fresh will have too much moisture, and regular dried fruit tends to have added sugar). Freeze dried strawberries would also be delicious, and pretty!
  • If you really want to go crazy with these, try adding a tsp of lemon extract and replace the raspberries with freeze dried blueberries. I will definitely be doing this in the future.

Sugar Free Keto White Chocolate Raspberry Bites | All of my low carb candy dreams coming true!



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  1. Nickia Jensen says:

    I love your blog and appreciate the stories and recipes! I also really like the idea of white chocolate fat bombs! Unfortunately, the Wildly Coconut Milk Powder actually has a dairy milk protein called sodium caseinate in it that makes the recipe not vegan. Also, when you purchase it on Amazon it is not returnable since it is a grocery item 🙁

    1. Oh my goodness, Nickia – I’m so sorry. I didn’t even realize that! I removed those links to the coconut milk (I don’t remember seeing the sodium caseinate when I originally bought that a year and a half ago, but it’s totally possible) and replaced them with one that is actually vegan.

      I feel so bad you spent money on something you won’t use. If you live in the US, I could send you some coconut milk powder that IS vegan. Just email me at 🙂

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