Low Carb Dairy Free Chocolate Fondue

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So, I’m not typically someone who gets all giddy at the idea of Valentine’s Day, but I do really like cheesy romantic-themed things, like a little fondue pot for two, with those tiny skewers and the little tea light to keep things warm. I actually happen to have one of those sets, and this year I’m determined to use it – not necessarily on Valentine’s Day, but definitely sometime this winter. So, as the inaugural dish for my little fondue mug, I present a low carb dairy free chocolate fondue dip.

This recipe also seemed like a good time to talk about fruit and keto. To make a long story short…yes, you can have fruit on keto. Obviously, fruit is a bit higher in sugar, but choosing lower sugar options (like berries) can help in this department. In fact, many berries are pretty low in sugar, and high in antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory phytochemicals, so adding them into your meals here and there is not only delicious, but nutritionally beneficial.

The carb counts below are for 100g of each fruit/berry. For perspective, 100g of cherries is about a cup. So, they’re not the worst splurge you could go for. A more realistic option though would be raspberries, blackberries or strawberries. I also recommend eating any fruit with a healthy dose of fat to increase the time it takes for the sugar to rush to your blood stream.

Net Carb Counts of Select Fruit & Berries (per 100g)

  • Raspberries: 5g
  • Blackberries: 5g
  • Strawberries: 6g
  • Cherries: 11.4g
  • Apple: 11.6g
  • Blueberries: 11.6g
  • Pear: 11.9g net

I know, I also cannot believe that cherries are actually lower in carbs and sugar than blueberries! For a practical application of this knowledge, if you were going to have one serving of this chocolate dip with 50g of raspberries (around a 1/3 of a cup), you’d be looking at 5.5g of net carbs, which isn’t bad at all for a delicious and healthy dessert!

Low Carb Dairy Free Fondue | Meat Free Keto - This super easy vegan, paleo, sugar free fondue recipe is perfect for a romantic keto date night.

Notes on Making Low Carb Dairy Free Fondue

  • To make this a little thinner, simply add in more coconut milk, until it reaches the desired consistency.
  • You could use regular dairy-free milk here, but the fat content will be lower, and the texture will be much thinner. Still delicious, though!
  • This will cool down and chill if it isn’t kept on a heart source. Both mug warmers and actual little fondue pots  (this is the one I have, but in white) work great for this! Sadly, it didn’t really work for pictures, since it was so much taller than all the other bowls. 🙁
  • If you don’t have a little fondue pot or mug warmer, I’d suggest keeping this warm by keeping in a fairly conductive small mixing bowl, and placing that so it completely covers the opening of a another bowl filled with really hot water. So, basically a double boiler, but not on the stove. Obviously, if you go this route, be careful! Hot things hot.
  • I used 100% chocolate, which is super, super dark. If that’s a little too much for you (I wouldn’t blame you!), you could go for basically anything over 70, but be sure to check the macros – 100% is completely unsweetened, but manufacturers tend to add a lot of sugar to dark chocolate to temper the bitterness.
  • If you aren’t dipping fruit, and are dipping something like tiny, sugar cookies instead, you could play around with the flavor by using raspberry or orange extract instead of the vanilla.
  • I used a Ghiradelli 100% cocoa chocolate baking bar, and Trader Joe’s coconut milk for this recipe, so that is what the macros are based off of. If you used different brands, you may have different carb counts. 🙂

Low Carb Dairy Free Fondue

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This super easy vegan, paleo, sugar free fondue recipe is perfect for a romantic keto date night.
Course Dessert
Cuisine French
Servings 4 servings
Calories 102


  • 2 oz 56g 100% cocoa dark chocolate
  • 1/4 - 1/2 cup 60 - 120g full fat canned coconut milk (see notes)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • tiny pinch of salt
  • liquid stevia to taste


  • We'll start with the microwave instructions first - put everything (minus stevia) in a microwave-safe bowl, and heat for 30 seconds. Remove and stir until smooth and glossy. Add additional coconut milk as desired. If the mixture is still a little hard, keep microwaving in 10 second increments (stirring in between), until there are no lumps. Slowly add in stevia, a few drops at a time to achieve desired sweetness.
  • If you are doing this on the stove - heat coconut milk in a small saucepan on low heat until totally smooth and warmed throughout. Add in remaining ingredients, except stevia.
  • Stir frequently until the chocolate melts completely, and the mixture becomes smooth and glossy. If it's too thick for your taste, add in a bit more coconut milk.
  • Remove from the heat and add in stevia a little bit at a time until you achieve the desired sweetness.


Calorie count is based on using 1/4 cup full fat canned coconut milk. Adding in additional coconut milk (up to 1/2 cup total) will make for a thinner fondue sauce. Using other nondairy milks (like almond milk) will also make for a much thinner sauce.


Serving: 1 | Calories: 102kcal | Carbohydrates: 3g | Protein: 2.1g | Fat: 10.2g | Fiber: 1.9g

Low Carb Dairy Free Fondue | Meat Free Keto - This super easy vegan, paleo, sugar free fondue recipe is perfect for a romantic keto date night.

Low Carb Dairy Free Fondue | Meat Free Keto - This super easy vegan, paleo, sugar free fondue recipe is perfect for a romantic keto date night.

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