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Low Carb “Potato” Leek Soup

Low Carb “Potato” Leek Soup

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I don’t know why, but I’ve really been craving potato leek soup lately. I know, it’s a really strange craving to have, but I impulse bought a leek last week, and have been deciding what to do with it for days. I need a hobby. Anyway, this leek obsession got me thinking that I should probably try to make a low carb potato leek soup, and see if that satisfied the craving.

Good news, it did. I wanted to make this recipe fairly simple, because it kind of bums me out when I’m all excited to make something, and realize I don’t have a lot of the ingredients. So, this is a combo of some pantry staples, and a leek. I’m assuming you have a leek if you’re looking up how to make potato leek soup.

This is a pretty simple recipe to execute, so if you’re at beginner level – it’s for you!

Notes on Making Low Carb “Potato” Leek Soup

  • This recipe happens to be vegan because I’ve used coconut oil and coconut milk in lieu of butter and heavy cream. However, if you’d really like to use butter and heavy cream, go right ahead!
  • Kind of related to the above statement: use whatever oil you’d like!
  • This soup really doesn’t taste at all like coconut, for those of you who are worried.
  • You’ve probably noticed a lack of salt in the ingredients. This is because vegetable stock is incredibly salty, and you might want to hold off on adding salt until you’ve reached the dinner table.
  • I actually opted to use Better Than Bouillon in place of vegetable stock, because it’s more convenient and I don’t use stock enough to keep a thing of it around.
  • An immersion blender will be your best friend with this recipe, but you can use a regular blender.
  • The herbs de Provence could easily be substituted for pretty much any herb blend you may desire.

Low Carb "Potato" Leek Soup | Vegan, LCHF and keto-friendly!


Low Carb "Potato" Leek Soup | Vegan, LCHF and keto-friendly!

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