Meat Free Keto eBook

Meat Free Keto: How to thrive on a vegan ketogenic or low carb diet. 




In 2012, when I first started a vegan ketogenic diet, there really wasn’t a lot of information out there. There was plenty of information on regular ketogenic diets, but for those of us who didn’t eat bacon, eggs, cheese or steak, it looked pretty bleak. Despite this, I pressed on and managed to find success, losing over 20 pounds, stabilizing my mood swings, and discovering a better overall quality of health. I also discovered quite a few tips and tricks along the way!

This ebook is the result of the past four and a half years of trial and error, and is definitely the resource I could have used all those summers ago. The information within (including a week-long vegan keto meal plan with recipes and a shopping list), will certainly help to guide you on your way to succeeding on a vegan ketogenic or low carb diet!

The best money…

Your ebook was the best money I’ve ever spent!



 This is SO GOOD! So excited for you ;) 
Leanne Vogel
Healthful Pursuit


I’m doing the Keto thing, but I’m not really enjoying eating meat and dairy, so your site is a great resource to get me back on track with the kinder diet. And the ebook is a blessing in this journey. Thanks again!


In this ebook, you will find:

  • 100+ pages of solid vegan keto information!
  • Answers to the most commonly-asked vegan keto diet questions
  • A breakdown of which foods have the most favorable macronutrient profiles for a vegan keto diet
  • Guidelines for calorie and carb instake, and how to adjust things for your lifestyle
  • Information on supplements that you may want to consider
  • A week-long vegan keto meal plan with shopping list and recipes
  • My somewhat weird sense of humor
  • A little bit of sanity in a dogmatic keto world

Meat Free Keto: How to thrive on a vegan ketogenic or low carb diet




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