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Hi, I’m Liz, a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Registered Yoga Teacher and avid food-lover. I make keto-friendly, gluten-free vegan recipes that are often allergen-free as well. I’m also a published cookbook author with a second cookbook coming out soon!

I also create plant-based AIP (autoimmune protocol) recipes for people like me, who are managing their autoimmune condition symptoms through diet and lifestyle. You can check out these allergy-friendly recipes at!

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Tahini, which is basically the sesame seed version of peanut butter, is absolutely delicious. It's rich and has a nice depth of flavor that works really well in savory or sweet dishes. Last week, I made low carb halvah cups with this miracle stuff, but this week, I had a Read more
Guys, are you at all familiar with halvah? If not, you're seriously missing out! For those of you whose palates are about to be expanded, halvah is a sesame-based* fudge-like candy that is delicious. It's also really high in sugar. Now, it's hard enough to find regular, sugary halvah in the Read more
I'm always looking for low carb vegan breakfast options (and lunch and dinner options as well, truthfully). While the convenience of low carb meat alternatives can be appealing, sometimes you want something simple and nourishing. That's where these vegan low carb avocado breakfast bowls come in. They're incredibly easy to Read more
Sometimes you just want ice cream, and finding a low carb vegan ice cream substitute is not easy. Further, finding a low carb vegan ice cream that actually tastes good and is creamy is nearly impossible. I certainly haven't found one yet! The other day, CM was asking me to Read more
I love, LOVE falafel. It's one of those foods that I really miss being able to have delivered (yeah, I live in a place without delivery, which is honestly a good thing). I've tried a few times to make a low carb falafel that would actually satisfy the craving, but Read more
Those of us on a vegetarian or vegan ketogenic or low carb diet (yes, we exist - there's dozens of us!) often find ourselves in the position of trying to eat food, without seeming too weird, especially when eating socially. This is even worse if you can't eat gluten (Celiacs unite!). It's Read more
Updated: September 19, 2019 It's becoming more  frequent that you hear someone say, "I'm on a vegan ketogenic diet!" While low carb diets are often scorned in the high carb low fat vegan community - after all, low carbers only eat meat, and carbs make the world turn round, it Read more
It's been a while since I've made cookies - way too long, in fact. So, today, I decided to tie on my apron, roll up my sleeves and start baking some vegan low carb cookies. Because I'm not a monster, peanut butter and chocolate seemed like a good combination to Read more
Every season has certain foods associated with it (at least in my mind), and spring is definitely the time for carrot cake. Apparently, in medieval Europe, carrots were used to sweeten cakes when sugar was difficult to come by. Funny how our palates changed to place carrots firmly on the Read more
Back in the day when I was a barista, matcha lattes were one of my favorite things to enjoy. For those who don't know, matcha is a green tea powder, and a matcha latte involves matcha, vanilla, sweetener and your milk of choice. I always though coconut was the best Read more