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Hi, I’m Liz, a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Registered Yoga Teacher and avid food-lover. I make keto-friendly, gluten-free vegan recipes that are often allergen-free as well. I’m also a published cookbook author with a second cookbook coming out soon!

I also create plant-based AIP (autoimmune protocol) recipes for people like me, who are managing their autoimmune condition symptoms through diet and lifestyle. You can check out these allergy-friendly recipes at!

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So, here we are with another instant pot recipe. Since receiving one for Christmas last year, I have been using it pretty much every day. Typically, I've just been making cauliflower rice-based dishes (curries, the chili from my cookbook, sloppy joes), but the other day at the grocery store, I Read more
Cold weather for me means lots of slow cooker recipes that are rich and filling and don't require too much chewing. Why that last bit? I have no idea, but there's something about softer foods that just feels more wintery to me. I just want a nice bowl of something Read more
Hi friends, as the new year approaches, I've been getting a lot of messages from new keto-ers about how to get started out on a vegan or otherwise plant-based keto diet. As I've been doing this for over 7 years, I've amassed quite a few tips and tricks for making Read more
If you follow me on instagram at all, you probably know that I LOVE cabbage. I eat it almost every day in some form or another, but I usually end up just sauteing it or making my favorite crack slaw. Sometimes, though, I want something that feels a little more Read more
Oh, look, I'm finally posting Christmas things just a few days before Christmas. I'm the worst. Because my dad's family is Polish, I grew up eating a lot of Polish foods, especially at Christmas time. These cookies are  a staple from my childhood. They're called Kołaczki Świąteczne (ko-watch-ki shvee-ohn-tetch-ne ...ish) Read more
I really like mint and chocolate, and one of my favorite wintery treats used to be that peppermint bark that was basically a layer of mint-flavored dark chocolate, covered by a layer of white chocolate and then topped with crushed peppermint candies. Since absolutely no part of the original candy Read more
  Brrrr...soup season is certainly upon us (or not, if you're reading this from the future...). It's chilly outside; it's chilly inside; and everyone is sniffling. This vegan keto ginger pumpkin curry soup fixes all of those issues for me, and tastes darn delicious, too! So, the name pretty much Read more
When people ask me what my favorite vegetable is, they're often surprised to hear me reply, "cabbage." Cabbage is a member of the cruciferous family and is not only delicious, but also brings with it quite a bit of nutrition. If you've been reading this blog (or following me on Read more
Hi, everyone! Today's post is something a little different from my friend Maggie at When she reached out with a post idea to share her inspiring and motivating story (as well as a super tasty raw vegan keto broccoli salad recipe), I was honored and thrilled. Maggie definitely needs Read more
Have you ever wondered why MCT oil is "better" for keto than coconut oil? Or how to start incorporating intermittent fasting into your routine? I know you have, because I get questions like this every day in my inbox. While I love talking to everyone about keto and trying to Read more