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I purchased the 4 Week Meat Free Keto Meal plan, and I loved it! The plan itself is very thorough and well planned out. I’m a busy mom and entrepreneur and I felt the plan was easy to execute. She did all the heavy lifting by putting this together, and I just followed the plan. The first big benefit I saw was my brain fog cleared. Just that benefit alone made the entire eating style totally worth it! Then, I started feeling lasting energy day to night. Previously, I have been painfully exhausted from the time I woke up, until I fell asleep at night. Huge win! I also was so happy to see weight falling off, right from the start. Because of the 4 week plan, I lost 14 pounds! It lead me to realize I was dressing to cover up my body. Now I’m excited to wear more form fitting clothing. I’m so grateful to Liz and this easy plan she so thoughtfully laid out for us. I highly recommend it for anyone needing some guidance on your journey thorough the vegan keto style of eating.