Keto Baking Ingredients

Ah! I have a cookbook!

Vegan Keto Protein Bars

This is far and away the most common question I get: What’s your favorite protein bar? These are the bars I actually eat and recommend! There are others out there for sure, but I don’t feel comfortable suggesting something I haven’t tried!

  • Julian Bakery Pegan Bars – great macros, I like the taste, but it’s an acquired one for sure
  • Raw Rev Glo Bars – These are super delicious, but are around 5-6g net carbs each, which some can fit into their macros, but it’s a little trickier

Vegan Keto Supplements

While I try to get too caught up in taking supplements, I definitely recommend finding an electrolyte powder/drop to add to your water. I really like the one from Ultima.

Exogenous Ketones are also pretty trendy right now. I don’t take these regularly, nor do I think they’re totally necessary, but if you’re going to experiment, make sure you purchase a high-quality supplement from a reputable brand like Perfect Keto.

So, this isn’t really a supplement, but I get a lot of questions about which blood monitor to use. I don’t test every day (nor do you have to – in fact, you don’t need to test with a blood monitor at all…), but when I do test, the one I’ve had the most success with is by Keto Mojo.

Tools For Vegan Keto Cooking


I recently upgraded to a bigger spiralizer, and I’m glad I did! My handheld one is still great for adding small amounts of veggie noodles to a dish, but this big guy is just so much more efficient…

High-Powered Blender

Do you need a high-powered blender? No, probably not, but it will save you a boatload of time and effort if you regularly make smoothies, sauces, soups or pretty much anything else that needs to be blended. I also use mine to make homemade nut and seed flours, which saves a solid amount of cash. A high-quality food processor can also handle some of these tasks!

Vegan Keto Ingredients

If you’re looking to stock up your pantry to do some low carb baking, this list is a good place to start!

Protein Powders:

There are now tons of protein powders out there for you to enjoy! I talk more in-depth about low carb vegan protein powders in this post.


  • Coconut Flour
  • Coconut Manna (also known as coconut butter, or creamed coconut)
  • Psyllium Husk – I’ve only recently started using this in keto baking – it’s surprisingly useful!
  • Ground Flax Seed – to prevent rancidity, it’s best to grind flaxseed yourself, though if you do buy ground flaxseeds, store them in a tightly sealed container in your freezer!

Sugar Free Sweeteners:

  • Liquid stevia
  • Swerve (granulated sweetener)
  • Lakanto Maple Syrup

Freeze Dried Fruit:

While it probably doesn’t occur to most people to use fruit as a keto baking ingredient, love adding freeze dried fruit to recipes. Firstly, as long as it’s sealed, freeze dried fruit can live in your pantry for quite a while, so you can use a little bit at a time. Second, it’s way more flavorful than adding fresh or frozen fruit, which helps keep the carb count down!

  • Freeze Dried Raspberries
  • Freeze Dried Apples
  • Freeze Dried Strawberries 
  • Freeze Dried Blueberries

Pantry Items:

  • Cacao butter
  • Full fat canned coconut milk
  • Matcha (green tea) powder
  • Coconut oil
  • Unsweetened baker’s chocolate
  • low sugar chocolate
  • vanilla extract (a lot of extracts contain sugar, so read labels!)
  • cacao powder
  • assorted commonly used baking spices
  • baking soda, baking powder and apple cider vinegar