Vegan Keto Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers

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Happy December everyone! When you’re not being bombarded by constant SALE emails from every retailer you’ve ever walked by, you’re probably stressing about what to get that one sibling/parent/friend that is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. I wasn’t going to make a huge “gift post” this year, because I see a lot of them online and they always just look like the creator thought of every possible keto-adjacent product out there and then stuck them on one page and that doesn’t seem super helpful to me.

So, this list is a smaller size and contains little goodies and treats that I actually like and recommend and that are somewhat fitting for the holidays. It can be a challenge around the holidays to try find some tasty and festive treats that are not only vegan, but also sugar free and keto-friendly and it’s way easier to stick to keto or at least quasi-keto if you’re able to have some treats of your own.

Vegan Keto Candy, Chocolate and Treats

Okay, so making things from scratch can be really fun…but there are some things that are better left to professionals. I can’t even begin to tell you how many failed low-carb vegan gummy candy attempts I’ve made… Anywho, the following are some of my go-to vegan keto treats!

As a kid, Swedish fish where one of my favorite candies and these really hit the spot. Smart Sweets has a few varieties that aren’t vegan (be sure to read the labels!), but these are miraculously both vegan and keto-friendly. Amazing. There is also a vegan sour gummy as well that is super tasty. Both varieties are a little higher in net carbs than I would normally consume for a snack…but they’re awesome for a sugar-free treat.

ChocZero is one of those companies you see all over social media, and that’s because it’s actually pretty awesome. They have a few different varieties of chocolate bark, but the peanut one is my favorite. I like this brand because they don’t use sugar alcohols and are actually soy-free as well as being vegan and keto-friendly. We’re truly living in the future.

The Cereal School makes another vegan keto food that it’s impossible to avoid on social media: cereal. These guys are bringing cereal back to a healthier state where sugar isn’t the main ingredient (those that read The Case Against Sugar, will be especially pleased about this). Like most keto treats, this is a bit too expensive to eat all the time, but for a fun stocking stuffer or special occasion, it’s great!


So, this last one is less exciting in contrast to the candy that’s above, but I actually really enjoy eating protein bars as a snack. The following are a few of my favorites. The Pegan Thin bars come in a few flavors, but I’m really into the chocolate lava one right now. Does it taste like a chocolate bar? Definitely not, but it does satisfy a craving.

These Nugo Slim bars have 5g of net carbs, so they’re more of a treat, but they’re really tasty! I usually just buy them one at a time from Whole Foods, but you can also find them on Amazon or on their website (just be sure to filter for the vegan options! The packaging is really similar to their non-vegan bars.

Finally, for those of you who don’t know – I had a cookbook published this year! It’s the first *real* vegan keto cookbook out there and contains over 60 recipes, a 4-week meal plan and loads of pages of info. It’s also allergy-friendly (click here to read more about the allergen-free recipes). 

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