Vegan Keto Produce Guide: Preorder Gift #2

Happy fall, everyone! As we get closer to the release of my vegan keto cookbook, I’m getting so much more excited! So many of you gave such wonderful, positive feedback about the vegan keto summer recipe mini ebook that was initially offered as a pre-order gift, and I realized I wanted to offer something to all of you who ordered past summer as well!

So, I put together this vegan keto seasonal produce guide to help you navigate your farmers’ market or grocery store during all seasons of the year. I’m really passionate about eating fresh produce and about supporting local agriculture, so this little guide is a combination of those two things. I definitely encourage people to check out their local farmers’ market whenever possible. At mine, the produce is so much fresher than in the grocery store, and it’s also much less expensive!

To snag your copy of this guide, just email your pre-order details to me at preorder (at)! If you already received the summer pre-order, you can still receive this one! Just forward your details again, or respond to my previous email. 🙂

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