Vegan Ketogenic Diet Basics

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Are you new to a vegan ketogenic diet? It’s not always easy to adapt to this way of eating, so I’ve gathered together a few links to help along the way. Hopefully, you find this information helpful! Whether you’d like to know how much protein you should be getting, which vegetables are the best to eat on a ketogenic diet, or which are the best sources of vegan fat, you’re in the right place!

Some quick notes – as of now, there is no actual vegan keto cookbook on the market at this time (though I will let you know as soon as this changes)! None of the vegan keto cookbooks listed on Amazon are actually vegan, and those that are vegan are not actually keto (or even low carb in some cases!). It’s a total bummer that these are still up because it’s so deceptive, and they’re not cheap! So, buyer beware. There are a ton of free recipes here, however, and on the other sites listed below!

If you happen to know of another great vegan keto recipe blog – I’d LOVE to know about it! It’s such a nice community, and I’d love to get to know other plant-based keto bloggers. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Absolute Basics

Protein Sources on a Vegan Ketogenic Diet

Fruits and Vegetables


Vegan Keto Recipe Blogs:

  • This site you’re on here has a ton of of vegan keto recipes of all types to search through!
  • Herbivore Post – Renee’s blog and recipes are just fantastic! She’s a great resource.
  • –ย Wenn du Deutsch sprichst, ist dies eine tolle Seite. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Compassionate Keto – Amber is a baker extraordinaire. She posts great recipes, and is even starting a vegan keto bakery (YES!!!)!
  • Clean Keto Blog – Meg posts awesome recipes and compiles super helpful lists for any newbie vegan ketoer.
  • Healthful Pursuit – While not actually vegan, Leanne features many keto recipes that also happen to be vegan. she’s also got a super informative podcast!

6 thoughts on “Vegan Ketogenic Diet Basics”

  • My question is this.. i love this blog by the way!… but, I am looking to adopt a vegan flexible ketogenic diet for my son, for health issues. It is imperative that his ph stay alkaline, though. What is your knowledge surrounding this? With a plant based diet (he will drink bone broths, though), will/ do the plant foods/ veggies keep you alkaline enough as is, or should I be monitering ph?

    • Hi, Brittany, thank you for all the kind words! Sorry for the delayed response – my “real job” is in the busiest week of the year right now!

      Good news – a lot of vegan keto foods are alkaline! I honestly don’t know enough about body alkalinity to say whether you should monitor your son’s pH (your doctor would be a much better resource!), but I can tell you that there are plenty of alkaline nuts and veggies that are champions on a ketogenic diet. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Avocado, almonds, coconut, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini and greens (just to start) are all keto staples, and alkaline foods!

      This is a great topic for a post, so I’ll definitely be going into more depth soon. Thanks for posting, and I’d love to know how you and your son are doing with this!

  • for those who can tolerate vital wheat gluten, is it allowed on a ketogenic diet? i am allergic to soy and don’t have access to a lot of the quorn or beyond meat brand products. i would have to make seitan from scratch. thanks.

    • Hi Greyce, this is a great question! Vital wheat gluten and seitan are absolutely allowed on a ketogenic diet! I have Celiac though, so I always forget to list it! Iโ€™ll change that though. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for commenting!