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Sometimes recipes and meal plans just aren’t enough, and we need a little more motivation to reach our wellness goals. I’m happy to announce that I’m once again offering one-on-one nutritional consulting!

Transform your health with a personalized diet and lifestyle assessment! Designed to cater specifically to your unique dietary needs and health goals, this service offers a comprehensive, step-by-step journey to optimal nutrition and well-being. Here’s how we’ll guide you to a healthier you:

Discover Your Unique Nutritional Blueprint

Kickstart your journey with a detailed questionnaire. We dive deep into your dietary habits, lifestyle, and aspirations to understand what makes your nutritional needs unique. This personalized approach ensures that our plan aligns perfectly with your goals, lifestyle, and preferences.

Unveil Your Dietary Habits

With a Food Diary Analysis, gain insights into your current eating patterns. By documenting your daily intake, we’ll identify nutritional gaps and areas for improvement, crafting a strategy that fits seamlessly into your life.

Tailored Nutritional Strategy

I’ll conduct a thorough Nutritional Assessment, translating your food diary and questionnaire into a blueprint for your dietary success. This includes optimizing your macronutrient balance to help you meet your fitness and wellness goals, enriching your diet with essential micronutrients, and guiding you towards better hydration and fiber intake.

Goal-Oriented Plan

Together, we’ll set realistic and achievable goals. Whether you’re aiming for weight management, enhanced athletic performance, or overall health improvement, our customized plan will pave the way for your success.

Your Personalized Nutrition Plan

Receive a bespoke nutrition plan crafted just for you. Receive recommendations that are tailored to fit not just your nutritional needs but also your personal preferences and lifestyle. This plan will be your roadmap to making informed, healthy food choices, complete with strategies for grocery shopping, meal prep, and dining out.

Empowerment Through Education

I believe in empowering you with knowledge. Learn the essentials of nutrition, how to read food labels effectively, and make sustainable dietary changes. The support doesn’t end with a plan; I offer continuous guidance and motivation, adapting your plan as you progress.

Ongoing Support and Evolution

Your journey to optimal health is ongoing, and so is the support. After the initial four weeks of check-ins, if you aren’t quite ready to fly solo, don’t fret! Through additional follow-up sessions, we’ll celebrate your milestones, tackle any challenges, and refine your plan, ensuring you stay motivated and on track towards achieving your health goals.

Working together, we will evaluate your diet and lifestyle in an open, friendly, and totally non-judgmental way to figure out what works best for you to:

  • Learn just what and how to eat for your body & lifestyle
  • Achieve and maintain your ideal body weight
  • Eat the right foods to keep blood sugar levels and hormones in check
  • Energize you with nutritious foods that support your body, not drain it
  • Incorporate Ayurvedic principles to your diet and daily routine that are specific to your constitution
  • Incorporate gentle movement, mindfulness and yoga to help balance your body, mind and emotions

Plans are easily tailored for any combination of the following special diets:

  • vegan
  • vegetarian
  • ketogenic or low carb
  • gluten-free
  • allergen-free
  • autoimmune-friendly

Personalized Plan

  • A personalized 20+ page action plan with food and nutrient guidance, a 2-week meal plan with meal suggestions and recipes to help you reach your goals, which we can revise as needed.
  • Email/text support for the four weeks following the receipt of your plan.
  • Weekly email check-ins, to see how you’re doing, and to make adjustments along the way!
  • Optional yoga and Ayurveda lifestyle add-ons
  • $145
  • Book here and we’ll get going!

Ayurvedic Lifestyle & Yoga Options

If you want to take your wellness journey even further, I offer the following options. These can either be added on to the above nutrition plan, or booked individually.

To request these individually, without booking nutrition services, just email me here and we’ll get started!

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Evaluation & Plan

  • A personalized assessment to determine your individual constitution and imbalances
  • Lifestyle and diet suggestions tailored specifically to you, based on your constitution, current imbalances and lifestyle
  • $25

Personalized Yoga Sequence

  • Individualized yoga sequence, tailored to your specific needs and goals
  • If combined with the ayurvedic lifestyle evaluation, the yoga sequence will also be tailored to your constitution and current imbalances
  • $15
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